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I am Sherwood Smith, a myopic old--no. Wait. We can be anyone we want on the Internet, right? Then I am young, brilliant, and full of grace, with enough money to keep up with my reading, my car always runs, my house is always clean, I never slop spaghetti down my front at fancy dinners, and I am not only visible at social gatherings, but ept.

Oached pish is a dyslexic fumbling that I typed instead of 'poached fish.' I don't remember why I was blathering about poached fish. Somehow this sums up the Smith Bozone. Anyway, this blog mostly talks about reading with occasional forays into this and that. I'd like differing POVs to feel safe to exchange ideas here. But personal attacks get deleted.

Writing talk about specific projects I pretty much confine to athanarel but I do have a newsletter signup.

Friending policy Come and go at will. I'm trying to trim people who haven't post in a year, or who drop me and so obviously don't want contact.

If any former f-list people return to LJ and would like me to add, I'd be happy to.

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18th century literature, 19th century literature, alexandre dumas, anthony hope, anthony trollope, baroque period, belles lettres, biography, books, bookstores, byron, c.s. lewis, caroline stevermer, children's literature, chocolate, claire clairmont, classical music, claude manceron, comedies of manners, conversation, craft of writing, diana wynne jones, dogs, donald westlake, dorothy dunnett, dorothy l. sayers, e.f. benson, elizabeth gaskell, evelyn waugh, fandom, fanny burney, fantasy, fred astaire, frederick marryat, george eliot, george macdonald fraser, grace, gustav holst, henry james' essays, history, horace walpole, humor, inklings, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jo walton, john milton, kate elliott, l.m. montgomery, liavek, liselotte von der pfalz, lloyd alexander, lois mcmaster bujold, lord byron, lord chesterfield, lord of the rings, louis xiv, madame sevigny, mapp and lucia, marloven hess, mary renault, mary shelley, mary wortley montagu, memoirs, music, old books, old houses, old movies, olympe de gouges, p.g. wodehouse, pamela dean, panache, patrick o'brian, paul whitehead, percy bysshe shelley, plenty of books, publishing, puccini, pyrates, rachel manija brown, reading, relationships, reviewing, richardson, robin mckinley, romans fleuves, rudyard kipling, ruritania, russian opera, saint-simon, salon hostesses, secret rooms, semiotics, simon schama, smollett, social contracts, social history, space opera, spectator, style, swashbuckling, t.s. eliot, talleyrand, tea, the brontes, the enlightenment, the french revolution, the reformation, theatre, three stooges, tim powers, victorian literature, vladimir nabokov, warnie lewis, wit, wolfgang amadeus mozart, workshopping, world music, writers' letters and journals, writing, young adult literature
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