Mar. 7th, 2017

sartorias: (handwritten books)
Though I pretty much stay out of the awards bloodsports, I found myself sharply disappointed that Too Like the Lightning wasn't on the Nebula list this year. It was one of my favorite reads of last year. Its second half is now out, Seven Surrenders. I was commenting to [ profile] mrissa, who reviews it over at her journal today, that I hope more people read these two books so we can talk about them.

It's so frustrating to wait to talk about books because of spoilers--I guess that's the downside of being in instant reach of so many people. Unlike the days when a book title would come up in a group discussion, and everybody would eagerly dive into commentary. If one person hadn't read it yet and spoke up, if they didn't want to hear what happened, they'd go into another room and find another conversation. Of course that was also back in the days when it was easier to read everything that came out--even if few of us could buy everything, our local libraries ordered them, or friends would pass books from hand to hand.

But that was then, and this is now, and here's this book simmering with potential discussion sparks. Even though I have some mild reservations about how the world got that way, I found these books so exuberantly full of ideas while refusing to follow predictable patterns that I think discussion would be rewarding. Because of course my first thought is that smarter people will point out what I was too clueless to get. But that is exciting, too.

Yes? No? Other readers? Is it worth starting a beware--spoilers past this point post to talk about them?

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